Very pleasant atmosphere, happy with the treatment

Doctor Vandana explained us very nicely. We are very happy with the treatment.

Mrs Malti Kulkarni

Excellent Service!

About Dr. Sudhir Tomey sir, no doubt. Best one. I know sir from last 3 years and there’s really a no doubt. Best one. Staff is really excellent, friendly and caring.

A very pleasant atmosphere. Cleanliness- Excellent and really motivate to other also. Really a very good service from staff. patient is really satisfied. No any error.

Thank you for giving such a chance to write something about hospital.

Mamata Choudhari

Very Happy with the Doctor’s Treatment

Thank you very much for the hospitality provided by the hospital. Hospital is very clean maintained. Official staff, nurses is very attentive and polite. Very happy with the doctor’s treatment. We are highly obliged.

May god bless you.

Mrs. Mohana Pingal

Remarkable Facilities of the Hospital

My daughter was admitted in the hospital for 12 days. During these days, we never felt as we are in hospital due to the homeliness of the staff and doctors. Due to this, my daughter recovered in remarkably less time. Remarkable facilities of the hospital are 24 hour attention of the staff, and other facilities like gas and fridge. I am very thankful for the love and care of Dr. Sudhir Tomey sir and Dr. Vandana Tomey madam.

Best of Luck for Renovation of the Hospital!

I am very happy with the attentiveness and cleanliness of the hospital. The facilities available for relatives of patients are remarkable. I want to mention here that, remembering first name of the patient and calling them by their names makes patients friendly with the doctors. And they can ask about the doubts and concerns without hesitation. I really appreciate earnest attentiveness of the doctors as well as staff.

Vijay Mahajan, Nagpur

Good and Positive Atmosphere

I want to thank Dr. Sudhir Tomey sir, Dr. Vandana Tomey madam and the staff of Surya Hospital for the service, fortitude and concern about the patients and their families. I believe that, good and positive atmosphere of the hospital definitely helps the patient to improve their health and well-being.

D.R. Gedam, Gadchiroli